vendredi 2 février 2018

Evolution logicielle solutions Meraki

Meraki vient d'annoncer un upgrade logiciel prévu le 08/02/2018
Celui ci concerne les services suivants :

The new firmware includes support for the following features:

- Performance & stability improvements
- Additional features for MR30H LAN ports
- Apple Adaptive 802.11r Roaming
- Apple Fast Lane support
- Auto Channel Width
- BSS Max Idle Period
- BSSTM Support
- Client Balancing
- Directed Multicast Service 802.11v
- L2TPv3 tunneling per SSID
- Mesh over wire to allow repeater APs in remote area to serve other repeater APs over the wired interface
- Proxy ARP
- Support CoA though Meraki VPN tunnel for VPN SSIDs

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